Saturday, January 1, 2000

How to Add One to Your Signature

1.) Right-click on the blinkie of your choice:

2.) Choose Properties:

3.) Now, triple-click the Address (URL) so that the entire address becomes highlighted in blue. Then right-click it and choose Copy.

5.) Now... you will need to get to where you can edit your signature. I'll use mine at Oscraps. First, from the gallery or the forum, click on User CP (User Control Panel).

6.) Then click on Edit Signature.

7.) You will first type [img]. This lets it know that you will be posting an image. Then, with no spaces, you will paste the Address (URL) that you copied from the blinkie properties. Then, with no spaces, you will end it with [/img]. This tells it that this is the end. (Be SURE you type the slash in front of the last img... otherwise, it won't work.) Then click Save. It should appear as follows:

8.) Once you hit save... click on Edit Signature again to see if it worked. In this case... it did. :)

9.) To add another one right next to it... follow all of these steps and when it comes time to paste it in your signature, simply place your cursor at the end of your first img code, and with no spaces, repeat step 7. Then your signature can look all crazy like mine. teehee!


Leeanne said...

Thankyou I have been wondering how to do that, and you make it easy. All your tuts are great, easy to follow. Thanks again.

Denise said...

Hi, thanks so much, I was wondering how to do it and like Leeanne said, you make it easy. New to your site but looks like I will visit weekly. Thanks again.

MomTo4Girls (aka Kim Russell) said...

I have a question about putting blinkies on blogs. I put your blinkie on my blog, but I thought if someone clicked it, that it would take them to your site. Are they suppose to do this?

Thanks, I love your blog and the tutorials have really helped me!