Friday, July 4, 2008

NEW Paislee Press+TaylorMade Quick Page Album!!

Yes... we have teamed up again!! This time... to bring you a quick page album that is perfect for documenting a few of your favorite (and favourite) things about... well... anything! Your children, your life, your husband, your food, your entertainment... anything! (5x7, 11x8.5, and 12x12 versions available! Plus... buy them all together and SAVE!!!!) (and don't forget that with the 12x12, you can EASILY resize them to 8x8 and 4x4!!)

Grab yours today!!!! But WAIT!!! There's a catch!! It's not available to the general public yet!!! It's only available to the TaylorMade Insiders... AND at a VERY special price!!! If you are already subscribed to the TaylorMade Blog... GREAT... you should be getting an email with some top secret links as well as DOUBLE-SECRET coupon codes to redeem your Insider savings! If you are NOT subscribed yet... don't worry... you still have time! But not much!! If you subscribe between now and Tuesday, July 8th at Midnight (CST), I will send you your very own links and codes. Anyone who subscribes after that will have to wait until it is released (at regular price) on July 15th!! So DON'T miss OUT!!!!!

Here is a sample Shutterfly Book that I made using the 12x12 version!!!

(If you are unable to see the image here, simply click on the link below that says "Click here to view this photobook".)

Click here to view this photo book.

**Note: The fonts I used for my book are Lamar Pen (for the cursive... i bought this one from The typed font is 1942 Report (this one is free at


Celeste said...

My goodness girl!!! You guys totally out did yourselves again!!!! I love this so much!!! I checked out your book on shutterfly -- honestly, It's PERFECT!!!! I'm constantly in awe of your's never-ending!!!

Liren said...

This new album is BEAUTIFUL and I already have so many ideas stewing in my head. I can't wait to download! May I ask, in your Shutterfly album, what is the font that you used for the word favorite (that you echo on the subsequent pages)??? Thanks so much!!

Denise Olson said...

Just stunning and beautiful. it is the simplicity that really generates the emotion of your albums. Totally loving 'em!!!

MissD said...

Absolute perfection! You and Liz make such a great team. I love your album and can't wait to start mine.

Christine said...

All I can say is WOW! This album was perfect for our family photos! THANK YOU so much! I posted part of my album at Oscraps and the rest of it is on my blog: And thank you for the revised link with the corrected pages, Amanda!

Can't wait to see the finished books!

Jolie Molino said...

HI! Do you offer a commercial use license? I am a photographer and would love some of your pages to put in picture frames for some clients or to use as a card for them! You have beautiful work!! JOlie

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