Monday, January 1, 2007

Saving Your Scrapbook Pages

Saving your scrapbook pages isn't as simple as pressing SAVE!! This will show you how to save your projects for editing, printing, and posting on the web or emailing! Here are some tips I learned the hard way. (haha)

1.) I ALWAYS save my .psd file (which preserves all of my layers.) This is vital in case you either want to change something or (my most common) you find a typo!!! You have to have the layers in tact in order to edit these things. So, I save all of my .psd files in their own folder called PSD Pages.

2.) Next, I always save a high resolution .jpg copy of the layout. This is what I will use to print my layout and it has to be 300 dpi in order to print clearly. These also get their own folder called JPGS.

3.) Last but not least, I always save a low resolution .jpg copy. This is for posting your layout to scrapbook galleries. I always try to keep the low res file under 150kb... as this is the size limitation for most galleries. These go into a folder called LOW RES JPGS.


1.) Go to File and choose Save As. (I recommend ALWAYS choosing Save As INSTEAD of Save, if for no other reason than to create the habit so you don't accidentally lose your layers or end up with a layout that you hate and have to rework.)

2.) Choose your PSD Pages folder, name your file, and then make sure the Format indicates .psd and then click Save.

3.) You will probably get a Maximum Compatibility window that pops up, just make sure it's checked and click OK.

4.) Now, we're going to save our high resolution .jpg file. Again, go to File and choose Save As. Then, choose your JPGS folder, name your file and pull down the drop down menu beside Format and choose JPG, then click Save.

5.) Once you click Save, a window will pop up called JPEG Options. For my high res .jpgs, I always save it at atleast 10... just to make sure the print quality is really good. Then click OK.
6.) The last version you will save is your low res .jpg for posting to the web. The first thing you need to do is resize your image from 300 dpi to 72 dpi. Go to Image and choose Image Size...

7.) Then when your Image Size window pops up, change it to these settings (in this order) and then click OK. (*NOTE: If you are saving a 12x12 layout, the Width and the Height will both be 600.)

8.) Now, last time... go to File and choose Save As. Then, choose your LOW RES jpgs folder, name your file and pull down the drop down menu beside Format and choose JPG, then click Save.
9.) Now when your JPEG Options window comes up, change the Quality to somewhere between 6 and 8. This should take your file down to a size of 150KB or lower. Then just click OK.


Tali said...

Thank you Amanda!! This is exactly what I needed. ;)

Jeana said...

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge because lord knows I need all I can get.

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