Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Dreams are Made Of" Quick Page Album + Contest

I got a chance to work with Liz from Paislee Press again!!! I am SOOOOO excited to present our latest collaboration:

Dreams are Made Of (Mod Version)

The vintage kit and the mod kit are each on sale at an introductory price of $9.99 thru Sunday, May 11th. After that, you can grab the kit for the regular price of $15 each. Or get BOTH kits for $25!

Each album kit is a collection of 20 coordinating quick pages, conveniently packaged and designed so you can whip up an ENTIRE ALBUM in a matter of hours (*including front and back covers!!). All you need to do is gather up a few of your favorite photos. The theme of this album? Whatever your dreams are made of. Your wedding day. Your family. Everyday moments. Gather them all up and put them in this album.

For me... my dreams are allllll wrapped up in my family. I love watching my kids experience new things and laughing together... and just watching them in the state of "being kids" is so inspiring to me.

So I used the Vintage album to showcase my favorite photos of my daughter, Alyssa and all that a 2-year-old's dreams are made of.

Click here to view this photo book.

And, I used the Mod album for my son, Gage and what his dreams are made of at 7!!

Click here to view this photo book.


Since I used the albums for my kids... I would LOVE to see what your family's dreams are made of! Whether it's from your child(ren)'s perspective, or your dreams for your family as a whole... your favorite family vaction... your family tree and your heritage... EVEN your PETS!!! What about your family inspires you? This will not only be a layout for a contest, but something you will keep forever. Upload your layout to an online gallery and then come back here and post your layout link in the comments section. Deadline for submissions is THURSDAY, MAY 15TH AT 11:59PM (PST).

Want to DOUBLE your chances of winning this album? Liz is hosting a contest on her blog as well!!! She wants to see layouts telling of your ROMANTIC dreams. It could be about a "moment" (the day you got engaged, the first time you laid eyes on "the one"), a person (your significant other, soulmate, etc.), a favorite song....whatever inspires LOVE for you.

Look at this INCREDIBLE wedding album she put together using this book!!

Click here to view this photo book.

Contest Rules
- You may use whatever products you wish to create your layout... just know that there are freebies available here (check my sidebar at the top for the FREEBIES section) and at the Paislee Press Blog should you need (or WANT) them!!

- The layout you submit MUST be a new layout, created for this challenge.

- Post your layout(s) entry to your favorite gallery. Then come back here and post your layout link in the comments section along with your EMAIL or USERNAME at OSCRAPS so we can contact you. Please ONLY post FAMILY DREAMS entries to my blog and ROMANCE entries at Liz's Paislee Press Blog.

- Entries will be judged by myself, Liz and members of our Creative Team.

- Deadline for submissions is THURSDAY, MAY 15 at 11:59pm (PST).

- You may participate in one or both contests. In fact, we would love for you to do both!! Everyone that participates in BOTH contests will be entered into a drawing to receive a $10 gift certificate to the Paislee Press + TaylorMade Store!!! We will select TWO winners for this prize using

- Winners will be notified via email or private message (via the Oscraps Forum) - so please remember to provide your contact information in the comments post!
GOOD LUCK and have fun!!!


Kim said...

Your album is amazing!! Can't wait to play with this.

EliNa2 said...

Gorgeous album!! and great challenge!
My take on the challenge:


EliNa2 said...

my apologies. Must have done somthing wrong. Second try:

Oscraps gallery - username EliNa2

Luann said...

I was just wondering......if each album is $9.99 a piece then both for $25.00 is actually more than purchasing them individually :)

But on the other hand....they are phenomenal and I would pay way more than that for them personally!

Luann McElduff

AnaFlor said...

Hi, your design is amazing.
Here is my Lo
My user name at O is AnaFlor

vke said...

What a wonderful challenge!

Here is my take on the challenge:


Oscraps gallery: username = vke

Bush Girl said...

Hey Amanda, I'm so enjoying your albums and this challenge is just great.

Here's my LO link

Sorry about strange subject matter - kids annoying me this morning, so did one that's NOT about them!

Many thanks, and see you in the forum.

Oscraps user name: Bush Girl


niki said...

okay, i had to think about this one a lot. but it came down to my dreams for my daughter. i've been thinking about her growing up so much lately. so here's my link:

thanks for the challenge!
- niki

niki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauri Anna said...

Hello, Amanda! Those are such beautiful albums--thank you for this opportunity! I had so much fun with this! Here is my submission:

You may contact me either there at or over at OScraps via my username Lycosparks.

Thank you!! :)

Lauri Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
moonlightguru said...

Your album is so pretty, here's my LO, happy viewing!!!

my id in oscraps is kris-she-sam-kye

Ange said...

Wow ! I love this beautiful album, like all your stuff ! Here is my LO...

Lauri Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauri Anna said...

Hello again, Amanda! I just wanted to let you know that I have revised my entry a bit. I just bought your Alternative Paper pack and decided that it would go wayyy better with my page! Much softer. And I made my text a little easier on the eye. I hope that is all right! It can be found at the same link I provided before:

Thank you again for having this contest!! I'm enjoying all of the entries!

You can contact me via my username Lycosparks at either or OScraps!

Mandy said...

love the albums!!!

here is my entry:

and my oscraps name is beatlegerl

Penn Family said...

Here's my entry:

The link to my romantic page is on Liz's blog.

These were so much fun to do! I may have to do another if I have time! :)

Lauri Anna said...

Hello, Amanda! I am submitting the following page for my dear friend Carolyn--she does not have a google/blogger account and therefore could not post her layout here for the contest! Here is the link to her page:

Thank you! Her username there is Scrappercaz if you need to contact her, and her username at Oscraps is Carolyn. :)

Helen Hancock said...

I have just received PSE 6. I am off to do your tutorials....thank you.

This was fun...I just had to do it, despite being such an amateur.

Here is the link to my Oscraps gallery...

Username: helenh

Hope you had a great mother's day.

Cheryl said...

Hi Amanda, I love the album! Here is my layout for the challenge.

The song lyrics on my layout are my dream and prayer for my beautiful new granddaughter. My user name at Oscraps is CheriAnn.
Thanks so much!

laurawatson said...

this album is so GORGEOUS!! i would love to make photo books of my wedding and my kids :)

here's my submission for the contest! thanks Amanda!

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