Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'd LOVE to hear your suggestions!!

Since I have started doing tutorials, it has occurred to me that you may want to request tutorials on particular things.

I am also launching a "Quick Tips" section in the right-hand menu... this section will offer tips and tricks that don't necessarily need a full tutorial attached to them.

I certainly don't know everything about Photoshop, but getting requests from you will help ME in learning more as well... so we can ALL benefit from this!!!

I usually try to do at least one tutorial every other week... sometimes one a week. So feel free to leave a comment here with your suggestion!! You may also email me at taylormade8330@yahoo.com with SUGGESTION as the subject.

Thank you sooooo much for all of your wonderful support and personal notes of thanks. They really DO mean soooo much to me and they keep me so motivated to continue publishing helpful information so we can all scrapbook the story of our lives for those we love!!!!!




Celeste said...

Hey -- I have one for ya --
I've seen all these cute layouts with circles -- how do I make shapes and fill them with the paper I want. I can do the shape part, but from there I get totally lost...

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Amanda! Do styles have a place in your tuts? I would love to know how designers create styles, especially one like glitter. Is it just 'clipping' and recording the clip or is it more complex?
There are many places on the Internet that offer free tutorials but after reading the one about stickers, I realized you do the best job of explaining. Most other's assume we know more than we do! LOL! Every time I think I have a great grasp of CS3, something new comes along to dispel that idea! Thanks for your time and attention!

Beth said...

You just don't know how long I have looked for a blog like yours! i just found you today!
I just want to learn new tips n techniques, a reference on "how to"....I have friends who want to know what I know and need to refer them to good blogs and websites where they can learn too! yours is perfect!
keep tossing us the tips and tricks!
you are awesome!!! you are totally filling a nitch!!!
and you aren't so commercialized like so many others are!!! love that! now I gotta go check out your gallery!!! fun!!

Jenny McDonald said...

This is just a suggestion not really on tutorials or anything like that. I was wondering if there is anyway that we can send you our layouts that we've created with your tutorials. Or maybe you could have a gallery or something. Just a suggestion, I really would like to see others creations with these tutorials.

The Bowers Family said...


I agree with the other posters that you are filling a niche. I love learning how to do stuff myself. So can you show us how to make stitching, especially on a path. I have tried playing with the path tool but I want to be able to have "shapes" follow a path to create bubbles or other elements. Hope that makes sense. I would love to learn how to make glitter too. I can't seem to get enough sparkle.

babiche40 said...

Please, I would like to know how use a photoshop action with photoshop elements..... Is ti possible?

Rossana said...

Please I will like to know how to make round corners in photos and papers. Thanks a lot!!!

Nicole Berrett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arya said...

I'm really trying hard to get those blending technics up and running. But I realise that it all depend on the photo (big news, he? *LOL*). So I'm really going down to my knee, Amanda, and begging; can you make an overview of the blending modes and what their purpose are? Or what they do to the picture when used? I've read a litle bit here and a litle bit there but I've not got the whole picture...

Thanks for this awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble bluring a background so it will be great a tutorial about it. I've just put in practice your newest tutorial about blending and worked like a charm. Thanks Amanda for your great tutorials .

stevie kay said...

I've got one! I've noticed sometimes people have amazing shaped text (for example, going around their child's silouette) - now I know you could do it using a hundred different text boxes with just a few letters each and positioning them just right, but there's got to be an easier way . . .


Kristine said...

Hey Amanda! I would love to learn how to make my own Photoshop brushes. I just can't seem to find a tutorial out there that is quite as user friendly as you are. Keep the tutorials coming. I just love them!

stevie kay said...

Thanks Amanda! That was an amazingly fast response to my tutorial request - I just love you, girl! Have a great week!

Celeste said...

Okay -- here's another one: he he he! I've been finding all these awesome 12x12 (they don't come in an 8.5x11) templates and want to use them, but I scrap 8.5x11 - so...what's the best way to keep the proportions without losing content and resizing them to look good? Is there a way??? Hmmmm...

amy said...

Amanda, all your tutorials are amazing and VERY easy to understand. I have been trying to find a good, user friendly blending tutorial (like extracting part of a photo out to put it on another background and then softening the edges) but have not found one. Your tips would be wonderful, especially on how to do edges (making them look smooth and blended and not hard...if you know what I mean). Thank you for your time!!

Steffi said...

Amanda - Thank you so much for your great Tutorials! I am a "Newbie" with PS and with your VERY, VERY easy understanding Tuts - IT WORKS PERFECT!!! Thank´s for your time!!
Greatings from Germany!!

Steffi said...

Amanda-thank you so much, for your amazing and very easy understanding tutorials! I am a newbie with PS and with your great tuts - IT WORKS PERFECT!!! Thanks for your time!! Greatings from Germany

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a tutorial on how to make the subject "step" or "reach" out of the photo. Example layout: http://ozone.oscraps.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=49988&limit=all
Thanks Amanda!

Sabby said...

Hi Amanda,
I have a suggestion for tutorial.
I am new at scrapbooking and using Photoshop, and i see and have download quite a few 'brushes' as freebie.
Can you explain what they are, what to use them for and how to use them in creating a layout in photoshop?
Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials.
Sabby from Adelaide, South Australia

Rhonda said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for all of your tutorial help so far. I am relatively new to digi scrapping, and was wondering about 3 different things.
1. I was wondering how you make sure that the colors you are seeing on your screen turn out the same when you print your layouts.
2. I`ve seen some great layouts with hanging tags, etc, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my dates, journalling or whatever on the tags nicely. I`m sure there is a simple solution, but I haven`t found it yet....
3. How do you do text to fit an area that isn`t perfectly square - like fitting around a silloutte.
Anyways, if you feel like tackling any of those questions, I`d be happy.
Thanks for all of your help so far.

stevie kay said...

I've got another one :-) How do you get a really good grungy/distressed look on elements. For example: in your "From the Heart" set, each heart comes both normal and distressed.

Debbie said...

Hey Amanda I am so glad I came across your blog. Your tutorials are fanastic especially since I just started really getting into digital scrapping. I have a suggestion for a tutorial on how to install brushes after downloading them. I am going to be coming back often to your blog since I can find out just about anything for digital scrapping.
Thanks a bunch.

Piggeline said...

Hey Amanda! Tell us the Secret of the perfect Shadow in a LO! Thank you so much for your awesome Tut´s! It´s so easy to work with PS with your realy amazing Tut´s....

Deca said...

Hi, it's me again.. I'd love to learn how to make a patterned paper without that line.. Let me explain.. When you found a patterned, you save in a 100X100px image and define pattern in your CS3.. But, when you use, if it was a flower pattern, for example, it will have half flowers in it.. Have I made myself clear? My english is not so good!! Hope you can understand!! Kisses and congrats for your job!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials. I've always wondered how you add shadows to things. Can you please do a tutorial on this? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your work and your hard effort and kindness you put into your tutorial..I love the one with your blending mode...i have an idea for ya....since your great with mixing actoin (pioneer woman and Total Rad actions and other) how about a recipe book in how to create different image effect with different blending mode and actions you use to get the certain look..you did some on the blending section of your tutorial..example how much of what action do you and how often to creat a certain look (inlcuding chaning your opacity in Photoshop) hope this make any sense. Thanks again sweetcanela

Lia said...

Hi Amanda,
I really love your tutorials, and particularly the way you use brushes and how you blend photos/papers.
I'd like to know how you get the effects that appears in some LOs (ex. Love will follow you, I live for these, sweet inocence and my heart my soul). I love them because the photo seems to "enter" in the paper.... looks like just one thing.
Congrats for your work !

Barb said...

I would like to know how to take a straight peace or element and curve it partially like from top to bottom/corner to corner or a variation of that where the whole peace stays uniform in shape side to side. I have tried to use the ctrl key or shift key to distort the image but that doesn't work very well. I just want a uniform curve that can be adjusted as to how much curve it has. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see a tutorial on how to extract with CS4. It was so easy with PSE & Magic Extractor. With CS4 I am totally lost!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda - I was wondering if you knew of a way to only change certain parts of the background of your photo to match the colors of the clothing the person in the photo is wearing...but make it look real as if you found a barn or some sort of building/wall that just happened to match the color of the clothes the person in the picture is wearing??

thanks so much!

TaylorMade Designs said...

"Hi Amanda - I was wondering if you knew of a way to only change certain parts of the background of your photo to match the colors of the clothing the person in the photo is wearing...but make it look real as if you found a barn or some sort of building/wall that just happened to match the color of the clothes the person in the picture is wearing?"

--you could refer to the Selective Coloring tutorial here: http://www.taylormade-designs.net/2009/06/altering-bad-coloring-in-photos.html

and then "combine" it with the Black & White + Color tutorial here: http://www.taylormade-designs.net/2009/06/altering-bad-coloring-in-photos.html

dulplicate your photo layer and make the top layer invisible. then alter the "matching colors" to be a different color. then make your top layer visible again and erase the all but the shirt to allow the original shirt color to show through. does that make sense? if not, feel free to email me and i'll send you some screen shots. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see like the the basics of how to do scrapbook kits, I keep trying to find good tuts but can never seem to find any that are not either too complicated or too simple going from like where you would find inspiration to finding elements texturing papers stuff like that
and I'd love to know how to make glittery elements that really sparkle
also I and this is unrelated to the tut thing I love your hadwritten alphas! ever think of turning your handwriting into a font I would make a better flow/ ease of use the the signature alphas not that i dont love them and I bet tons of people would buy it! thanks for listening to my ramble Love your stuff and thanks for the inspiration

Krooked Smiles said...

Maybe its more of a questions than a suggestion, but the papers that you use for all your layouts I know I can buy them but how would I create them myself in CS4. Also, I have started up my photography business and I am really wanting to make my own card templates, photo tempaltes, etc i know I can buy those as well but can you show me how!!


Thanks so much I am addicted to your blog!!

Angela_06ca said...

Hi Amanda,
I know this post was posted awhile ago, but I just ran into it & I too have a suggestion on a tutorial I'd LOVE to see! I adore your handwritten word arts! There amazing, I think it would make a great tutorial to see how those are made, considering I love my handwriting! Best Wishes<3

Lori said...

Rounded corners - I have seen a ton of tutorials - but I just can't find one that really works good start to finish. Maybe it is user errror :)

ivy rose said...


I would like to ask for some advice about merging and blending two person in one photo. I saw this save the date card where the engaged couple where merge in one photo but they where little kids. Do you have anything like this in your tutorial?
Thank you.

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