Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WOW!!! Such inspiration!!!!

I just HAD to pull together some of the AMAZING layouts that scrapbookers everywhere have shared with us as a result of the Blending Options I and Blending Options II tutorials. Thank you all SOOOOO much for stepping out there and creating these INCREDIBLE layouts!! They will definitely be treasures for a LONG time to come!!!! (and may I also say that these are NOT all of them... so keep your eye out in the galleries!!)

My Heart will Remember - by Lynette

Stolen My Heart - by Mary Ellen

Teapot - by Shannon

Heartstopping - by Leah

Your Spirit - by Natasha

If you have a layout as a result of the Blending Tutorials (or any of my other tutorials for that matter!!), please leave a comment with a link... i would LOVE to see it!!!!!



lynette said...

Wow, so many different creations!
I'm so inspired!

Yapukapi said...

i am fan fan fan!!!
i love all you do
and your explications are top!!
i am a lot inspired by your layourts and your kits!!!

Yapukapi said...

i don't know if the link is good

Cat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cat said...

Regarding the above deleted post LOL

I am a doofus with copy and paste!!


Amanda, you didnt think I would just keep my whip cracking over at Oscraps, I am hi-jacking your blog too!!!

I am calling out to Amanda's readers that dont read Oscraps, to get the booties over to my blog and help with the campaign of Three Angels getting together ;)

Love ya Amanda xx

Celeste said...

Hey -- here's one of mine that I did using your amazingly EASY tutorial!


Jeannette said...

I saw this ages ago and have been dying to try it but have only just recently taken a photo suitable. Thank you so much, I love your blog and love looking.

Here's mine

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for your tutorials. I just did a cool picture with your blending techniques. Check 'em out at


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