Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sunny Disposition Kit + a challenge!!!

I'm so excited to bring you my newest kit, Sunny Disposition! As well as EXCLUSIVE Insider savings, AND a challenge!!!
Already have the papers?? Just grab the elements!

Be SURE you subscribe to the TaylorMade Insider BEFORE you purchase your kit for a 30% savings!!!!

A TaylorMade Challenge!
I thought I would present you with a little challenge using this kit.

Your Challenge:
Use this kit to scrap a page about your favorite summer activity, scenery, vacation, or even just your favorite moment from this summer! And don't stop with just one layout... the more memories you scrap, the more you win!!!

The Rules:
- You can use other products on your page, but at least 50% must be from the Sunny Disposition kit.
- All pages must be newly created for this challenge.
- Post your layout to your favorite gallery and then post a comment here that includes a link so I can make sure you're credited for your layout.
- All layouts must be submitted no later than Monday, August 10 2009 at midnight (CST).
- Don't forget to leave your contact information!! All prizes will be sent via email or oscraps private message. So be sure I have your email address or your oscraps username!
- HAVE FUN with it!!!

The Prizes:
- Each participant will receive a $3 coupon to the TaylorMade shop
- For each additional layout you complete and submit, you will recieve an extra $1 added to your coupon! The more you scrap, the more you win!!

Have fun and I can't wait to see what you create!!!


Marleen said...

Hi Amanda,

Your new kit looks really GREAT, as usual ;) I can't wait! Good luck!

kimB said...

Amanda, is there a special code to use for this kit when purchasing? I am an "Insider" subscriber and have the kit added to my cart, but it doesn't give me the 30% discount...

TIA - can't wait to use this sweet kit :)

Valentine said...

Great challenge & a beautiful kit!
Here's my link:

Helen P said...

Yay..what a great challenge. Thanks for the coupon. I had the papers already so I just DL'd the elements pack this morning. I will have to divide my time wisely this weekend as I have lots of housework to do & can't let myself get swept away scrapping for hours on end. But, Oh so tempting :) To be continued....

Jenny said...

Great kit to work with & a super fun challenge! Here is my link:

Marleen said...

Here are my links:

It was so great to work with!

Marleen said...

Here the next link, and now I go to sleep ;)

Helen P said...

Did I say something earlier about not getting swept away srapping this weekend? Well, technically it isn't the weekend yet, it is still Friday, lol. Here is my first LO..

Larell said...

Here are my layouts using this fun kit.

Thanks for coupon and extra GC. I can be pm as

Larell said...

I really enjoyed this kit, challenge and my day of scrapbooking. I even accomplished some other things.

I can be pm as

Thanks again

Valentine said...

Here is my second layout:

Valentine said...

and a third one from me:

Helen P said...

Rocked out another LO late last night and posted it early this morning before heading out to WalMart to spend way too much money on stuff I really despise spending my hard earned money on! I is #2 from me:

Helen P said...

#3....can you tell I love Amanda's designs??

Off to start my laundry & put up the $100 worth of Wal Mart supplies I bought, UGH!!!!

Alyssa said...

Beautiful kit (of course!!) and here are a few layouts!

Simply Sarah said...

whohooo.... I finally was able to get a kit of yours and of course this one just rocks so it I got. Cant wait to play with it and submit for the challenge...

TaylorMade Designs said...

ok, i have had SO much fun today looking through all of these amazing layouts!!!! can't WAIT to see more!!!!

Valentine said...

thanks for all your comments on the layouts, it inspired me to make no. 4:

Liz said...

Thanks Amanda, I loved the excuse to buy this kit, it's awesome. Mine is posted at 2Peas, I hope this link works:

Zizazzi said...

What a beautiful kit ...
I already use it a lot so here are the link to my layout :

Thank you for this amazing challenge

Helen P said...

Yay, I am not the only one going crazy with this challenge & kit.

Thanks Amanda...for all the "love" you left at my gallery. You put so much thought into your words and it comes through :)

Here is #4 from me...

you can reach me at

Helen P said...

Ok, didn't plan to do another one but I was working a challenge over at Pretty Scrappy and decided to use this kit again since it I knew the colors would work well with the photos.

Marleen said...

The last one, thanks for this challenge and the coupon, it was great to do!

Liz said...

Another one, I love this kit! I emailed you with my contact info, I am lizj at Oscraps. Thanks Amanda!

Barbara said...

This is the first challenge I done. Here's my page, made with the papers I had already from the DigiFiles! They were so fun! The template is by Midnight Scrapping. I'm going to try to get another made.

Barbara said...

OK, here's another one! I really need to stop and go to bed now.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

Here's my entry:

~ Esk

Anonymous said...

I made another one (which, btw, is nothing for me, I normally don't scrap that fast, hehe):

~ Esk

KarrieLyne said...

What a beautiful kit!! I love the versatility of it for use for a boy or a girl!! Your stuff is amazing Amanda! I am so glad I happened upon your blog! :)

Here's my layout:::

Thanks for the challenge!! Sometimes its the only way I get things done.. LOL!

KarrieLyne said...

Ok, one more. I couldn't resist :)

2-cute-wishes said...

What a beautiful Kit and a great Challenge! Here are my pages:

Kelly R. said...

Hi Amanda,
What a fun challenge and great incentive to "get on it" quick!
Love these blues, yellows, and greens.


You can send me a PM at the 'O'. User name kelly65.

Alyssa said...

one more for me :)

Jenny said...

I loved the kit so much I had to do another! Fun, fun, fun!

Kelly said...

I created another one....makes 2 altogether. Easy kit to work it, Amanda.


Oscraps User Name = kelly65

Des said...

Here is my take on the challenge.

Thanks in advance for the gift cert.


Barbara said...

I couldn't wait to get to the computer tonight and scrap this!

kym said...

What a beautiful kit!!! It is so easy to use and goes great with summer photos. Here are two layouts that I managed to complete.

Anonymous said...

Amanda - the ever talented designer!!! Beautiful kit (as always!) I have done 2 layouts - wish i had more time to do more!!
Oscrap Links:

Hopefully I can do some more before midnight!!!

Thanks again Amanda - and for being so generous with the GC.

Suzie (aka mum2gnt)

Zizazzi said...

Hi Amanda...
I made some new layout with your beautiful kit and some picture of the month ...
I'm not sure if it is past midnigth or not in CST time .. I'm in france and it's only the afternoon so ..
I give you the link in case the time is not gone :-)

Thanks again for this challenge

Barbara said...

Oh, this has been fun! I can see why challenges might be a bit addictive! But, really, I must get on to other things now, so this is the last one:

My email:

Kelly said...

I completed a third layout using Sunny Disposition. Here is where to find it in your section at the O.

leeannemetcalfe said...

Hi Amanda A great kit and a fun challenge1 Its winter here in Australia so I scrapped my DD'S big sunny smile!
Here's my link

Anonymous said...

OMG! I stayed up all night to do 2 more - but i am so tired and making silly mistakes - like nodding off and waking up and finding the photo has disappeared! Or moved to somewhere else becuase my hand moved whilst i was asleep!!so I will only submit one more before I do some permanent damage! So 3 for me - well, 3.5!!! It's now 8am here in Australia, so I must get kids ready for school - then SSSLLLEEEPPP!!! Here's the link in the O:

Amanda - thanks so much for your kind generosity! I loved doing this and I think most others did too! Thanks for the GC - If I would have had the stmena to do 100 I would!!! I love your stuff!


Suzie - AKA MUM2GNT (pm in Oscraps)

Mara said...


I loved your kit, I just had to buy and try to start my book for the girls "kommunion".

at oscraps it is maidi my username

Barbara said...

Ok, I did another one! My mind is just full of ideas and it's been fun to try out new techniques with this kit.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! another great challenge! I love your challenges! It's a pity I couldn't join. I have an eye-disease...

Lisa (dlhoffer) said...

Got one done at the last minute! Thanks for the fun challenge & the coupon, Amanda!!

Here's my link at Oscraps:

(I'm dlhoffer there too)

KarrieLyne said...

I don't know if this one will count. I was so worried about getting it uploaded by midnight (11:59 counts, right? LOL) that I forgot to post the link here! Even if it doesn't count, I'll still share :) So much fun with these papers and elements!!

Lisa (dlhoffer) said...

OK, I'm a few minutes past deadline, but I just couldn't resist doing one more with this fun kit!!

Here's the link, even if it is too late to qualify for the challenge:

Thanks Amanda!!

Des said...

I posted my layout last night at Oscraps. But somehow my comment is not posted here.

So here is my second attempt using the kit.

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