Monday, September 20, 2010

creative team call!!

It's time for a taylormade CT CALL!  I'm specifically looking for 6-8 new artists who scrap on a regular basis to make my team complete!

My creative team requirements are as follows:

*create a minimum of one layout per kit you download prior to release date (I usually give the team 3 to 5 days to work with product)
*upload your layout to three galleries (Oscraps being the only mandatory one)
*You will not be required to work with every product I release, just the ones that inspire you to scrap!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please submit the following:

1.your name
2.a link to your most complete online gallery
3.a list of your current CT commitments (if any)
4.a short bio about yourself

Submit inquiries to with "CT Call" as the subject by Monday, September 27th, 2010. I will respond to all submissions to confirm receipt of your email. CT selections will be announced here after September 30th.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



myoldanlac said...
BLogged it!! :)
Good luck sweetie :) You are going to get FLOODED!!!!

smilingcolors said...

Just sent you my information for the CT call!

Your site is awesome!


Helen said...

Good luck Amanda ... fabulous call!

Jennifer said...

What a fabulous opportunity! I can't pass it up!

Sue said...

Bhhhaaaaaaahhhhh ... how can you do this to me Amanda, how can I possibly resist??? I just need to figure out a way to justify it to my poor DH ... "yes dear, it does mean I’ll spend just a wee bit more time on the laptop instead of being with you, but just think of all the sports you can watch on TV instead?!?!?!" ... do you think he'll fall for it???? Anyhoo, I'm off to draft my email!

Good luck to everyone who applies ... I suspect there's going be a LOT!!! Hugs, sue.falstaff

Molly said...


AnaFlor said...

Wow, I'll tray again, LOL

taxed4ever said...

Ohh I am all over this one!!! Sending info today!!

Lisa (dlhoffer) said...

Wow, what a fabulous call!!!

Flohbock said...

Wow, what a chance! I like your style!

Gone Scrapbooking said...

Looks like fun! I linked to your CT call from today's scrapbooking news article at :) have a terrific Tuesday!

Katharyn said...

oh wow! Like, W.O.W. I just accidently spat my cuppa all over the screen when I saw this! You've got (plenty of) mail!!!

Katharyn said...

oh wow! Like, W.O.W. I just accidently spat my cuppa all over the screen when I saw this! You've got (plenty of) mail!!!

Nini said...

Yay! Saw your post in fb - Awesome news and a fabulous opportunity!
Good luck to everyone!!

Gina Barnaba said...

You have mail!! Whoo hoo!! This is so exciting to have this chance!! Best of luck to all who apply!


Zizazzi said...

What a great opportunity !! I'll prepare my mail asap ;-))

Rani said...

Just applied!!! Best of luck to all those applying!!!!

Happy Family Scrap said...

Good luck to all!!!

Hugs, missi

Elisa said...

Now I'm going to sit here jittering since I finally sent in mine. Let the nerves begin full force, lol!

Poupske said...

Great chance... You've got mail...

Clara said...

Today the countdown begins. keep checking and refreshing hoping to have made the cut. Not sure how you made the decision with so many great applicants.

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